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A fresh start

Discussion in 'Portable Disc & Media Players & Recorders' started by VW BORA, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. VW BORA


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    First post and would appreciate any help.

    Car: VW Bora 51 Plate

    I have recently purchase the car and would love to upgrade the sound system ( no need for 10,000 watts just a nice full sound! ). I bought a new Pioneer CD player that has 2 x 50w mosfet amp built in and have just blown a speaker !

    The questions are:

    1: Can someone please advise the size of speakers and wattage the car currently has?

    2: With the the CD i've bought whats the most powerful speaker i could fit without amp? ( The speakers are fitted in the doors but are quite deep and large )

    3: The boot has a 12v outlet plug. Would i be able to use this to power an amp thus getting away with having to feed power from the battery?

    4: how big a job is it to feed the speaker wires through the car form the CD to the amp and back to the speakers which are situated in the doors ( 2 x speakers per door...tweeter at the top..etc..etc ) any hints...tips?

    5: If i were to purchase an amp what watt speakers could i have fitted in the doors without the car having bulges each side!

    6: finally !! Is this upgrade something i could undertake or would i need to take the car to a specialst.?

    Again thanks for all your help...i know it's only a vw Bora....but it fairly new and beats my old Astra!

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