A few video playback Q's


Not interested in divx, mpeg-2 streams since they're taking care of by a snazio, more interested in what gaps the 360 can fill.

Have wire network available and also a USB external drive, my pc is pretty old so I think transcoding stuff is out of the question.

Can it do h-264 streams of any description (.ts files)

Playing VC-1 encoded WMV's; from what source can they be played disc/network/external HD?

Can video stored on pc of external drive be moved to the console

Any links/info appreciated


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Hi Dan,

In order to play .ts files you'll need 2 things.
Windows Media Center Edition 2005 on your PC with your XBOX360 set as an extender (you'd be wise to use a hard wired network connection, I don't think wireless will support the bandwith).

HDTVPump installed on the PC (This will enable you to play .ts files in Windows Media Player and also allow it to be streamed to the 360 via Windows Media Center.

The H264 standards that the 360 can play are shown here:

VC-1 details are in the above link too.

I'm not sure about transferring files TO the 360, I just had a sample file on a USB stick, popped it into the 360, the file played ok directly from the stick but I couldn't transfer the file to the 360's drive, there seems to be no way of doing this from the 360's dashboard.
I'm sure I read of a utility that allows you to connect the 360's drive temporarily to your PC and edit the contents but I've no more info than that I'm afraid!

Hope that helps a bit,


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