A few quirks with pw6006.


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I finally got chance to have a look at my mums new Philips PW6006 to set it up properly today. But there are a few things its not doing as I'd expect.

The first is auto-switching when you turn on the NTL digibox or DVD player (Sony DVPNS405). Is it not supposed to switch channels with this set?

The other is lack of Stereo sound when using either Ext1 (DVD) or Ext2 (NTL). At first I thought it was because of the scart not being fully wired but looking at it it's the same one I bought a few weeks back and is fully wired. So I've been through the setup menus on both and everything is now set correctly, however still no stereo sound, only Mono or Spatial.

Has anyone got any suggestions?



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autoswitching, it should switch between widescreen and 4:3 broadcasts. try this, plug digibox into ext1, dvd into ext2. select analogue bbc1 and use remote to select 14(16):9 picture format. select a widescreen channel on digibox (eg bbc1) and it should autochange and should now autochange as you change digital channel.

theres a button on the bottom right of the remote marked I/II that selects between stereo/ mono sound, try this.

my set will not broadcast fm stereo for some reason

will never buy philips again

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