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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by dmack233, Sep 30, 2004.

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    Hey :) firstlysorry its a long post

    Got a few questions after buying a new set up. Firstly im really happy with my plasma but sometimes (rarely) the colours drag a little when something fast is happening or sometimes on things like smoke or skin colour. What is it that causes this. Ive got a good lead for it so im guessing its just the tv. Just curious what causes it and why and is there anything you can do to improve it.

    Next question :) I bought a good component lead and i dont know why but i expected the port to be on the dvd player (dav sc8) its on the tv though. Just wondering if theres anything i can do with it now or is it obselete. Its a really good lead that id like not to waste. Would it be worth getting an adapter (if one exsists) to convert from component to either scart or the ports that are red white and yellow, cant remember the name of them. Or would there be no point since the signal will get converted back down to the scart adapter quality?

    Last question. The plasma i bought was broken when i got it (black strip down the middle) so had to send it back. Wierd thing is that the menu screen has differenly worded options eg the broken one had auto in the aspect ratio and this doesnt its got spectacle and a few new ones even tho its the exact same model. Everything is perfect but one thing. When the aspect ratio is changed or if i change a channel theres a high pitch/frequency static noise (badly explained i know) for half a second its not loud and i can live with it but im worried incase its something that will lead to a worse problem? since the broken tv didnt make this noise

    any advice would be great :)

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