A few questions regarding a denon 2802

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by mridley, Aug 12, 2002.

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    I've just upgraded my Sony amp to a Denon 2802, I have a few questions;

    1. Is there anyway to get the on screen menu without having to manualy select it via the TV remotes? I currently have it connected via an svhs to scart but have to switch to AV2 on the tv remote.

    2. I have connected the fronts to the sub which in turn is connected to the amp, if I connect the amp just by using an rca cable the bass sound is very weak, is this right ?

    3. Can't quite get my head around NEO 6 or Matrix, do these two only apply if you have the extra rear speaker?

    Thanks in advance
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    1) Nope, unless you memorise the button presses... Sony refused for some time to have an onscreen display because of the degradation in sound quality.

    2) So you have speaker wire going from the amp to the sub, then another run of speaker wire going to the speakers from the sub, yes? What sub are you using, and what cut-off is the sub set at? Is it over 80hz? If so then you may be hearing lower-mid range frequencies above 80hz which may make it sound like the sub is playing louder. If you have two volume controls, one for high (speaker) connections and one low (rca) then these need to be independently adjusted, and are not necessarily in the same position when finished. Also check that the Denon's sub out volume on the setup menu is not unduly low. I have mine set at 0db and use the sub to control volume.

    3) I believe that both will work with a general 5.1 or 5.0 setup.


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