A few questions about the cabling for my new B&W 603 speakers


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I've just ordered some new B&W 603 S3 speakers, and I'd like to know what speaker cable to use. If you own some 603's, what cable do you use?
In the shop, I was shown lots of different Bi-wire cables, which ranged in price, from £5 to £40 a meter.

Bi-wiring is new to me, and I've never bi-wired any speakers before.
If you own 603'S, do you bi-wire your 603's, if so, how does it compare with normal wiring?

At home, I have 2 brands of speaker cable I can try, QED original, and Monitor studio. Both types are for normal wiring only.

I'm using a Yamaha RX-V640RDS receiver.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.



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Personally I would recommend a good quality single wire cable instead of a lower grade biwire cable. For example I would choose QED XT300 @ £10/m over say QED silver Anniversary Biwire @ £10/m. Van Den Hul CS122 is also very good at the £10 mark which is about the upper price limit of what I would spend on cable for the 603s. Biwiring really comes into its own when biamplifying which requires separate amplifiers for the high frequencies and low frequencies and as such requires the use of the two pairs of terminals on your speakers.


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thanks for reply,

yes that QED XT300 does look good,I may even go for the QED XT350, as its noly about £3 more a meter.

Thanks again for the help:smashin:


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Hello again Crustyloafer

A question about X-Tube speaker cable,

can you tell me, if the X-tube speaker cable can only be used with plugs on the end of each speaker cable, or can I use the bare wires inside, to connect to my speakers and Amp? IE just using the cable without plugs

Thanks for any help.

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