A few questions about my panny dvd s97


Im connecting my panasonic s97 to my panny pw6 with a hdmi to DVI lead, when i put Hdmi mode on the picture disappears,if I cant get this mode what would be the best settings to whatch dvd with, eg signal = RGB component ect also there is Pal 60 and normal ntsc, my plasma and player are uk models but the player is multi region.
Ive also checked the firmware and the last 3 digits are 528 can any one give me a link on where to get new firmware and update instructions.
Im new to the home cinema scene so go easy on me.
thankyou :lease:

jason t

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stevei believe you can get the firmware upgrade over on the avs forum but at this present time only upgrade to 536 owners of pal machines are having problems with 540 9myself inc) as to your connections i can see no reason why your display wont produce a picture with hdmi it might be worth posting in the plasma forums



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the connection s97 to pw6 (hdmi to dvi) works - I myself had it connected that way ( I've now got a ga4, where it also works); you will only get problems upscaling pal on your plasma - above 576p it will except 60hz(ntsc) only, one of the reasons for selling it on.


where can i find the upgrade to 536 I can only find the 540 upgrade

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