A few questions about Iphone 4/HTC Desire/Networks


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Considering one of these, but one of the uses it will be used for is for Streaming to it from my Dreambox (so I can watch the footy at work, haha). Has anyone actually done this or similar?

When looking for which network to go with and looking at the coverage, is streaming done over 3g or 3g+/hspa?

Finally, which is the best network/contract to go with for data allowance, presuming I may use quite a bit with streaming an general usage?



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All networks are gong to be capping their data plans, as they're all being hammered at the moment.

Bare in mind, even the ones that say 'unlimited' aren't. They all have a fair usage policy, which if you plan on streaming much you'll soon blow away...


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You can get genuinely unlimited data, (see the giffgaff thread). However, you have to remember that if too many people hammer the system then they may change that.

Personally, I wouldn't consider trying to stream (for any period of time) over a 3g or HSPA network. Especially in a work environment where the network is liable to suffer congestion anyway.

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