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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for replying to my previous questions. Just a few more to ask:

    1) do any DVD recorders on the market record with a variable bit rate?

    2). secondly, I have a lot of VHS tapes that I would like to remaster to DVD. How much room (timewise) can I roughly fit on a 4.7GB DVD disk (btw, I have both LP and SP VHS tapes)

    Many thanks

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    Yes - all do. Although some are better than others (obviously). This shouldn't be a concern/worry when choosing a DVD recorder.

    As much or as little as you want! DVD recorders have recording modes, i.e.
    - XP setting 1 hour per disk
    - SP setting 2 hours per disk
    - LP setting 4 hours per disk
    Decent DVD recorders (for example Panasonic, Toshiba, Pioneer, JVC) also offer Flexible Record to allow you to maximise the recording quality for the length of the programme. So for example if you have a 90 minute recording you could dial in 1hr 30mins to the DVD recorder and you would get a 1hr 30min quality setting. Such a function is unvaluable for archiving from VHS.

    A common mistake is made by people recording from VHS to DVDR. They point out that VHS is a low resolution source and thus say you can use the low resolution settings to record. This is rubbish! VHS is a low resolution source but it is also an extremely noisy analogue source and thus you need to use a high bitrate to maintain quality. Obviously if you have a three hour film recording you need to archive this to one DVD - but for videos that can be split, i.e episodes of a series, I suggest around the 90 minute mark on each DVD-R.

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