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A few from today


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Went out with my wee boy today and took some pics.
I'm still learning using my first DSLR, photoshop, etc so be gentle guys :D
Let me know :smashin:

1. Only altered the auto levels using CS2 and borders

2. B&W version with auto curves, adjust contrast and using clone tools to remove my wee boy and also borders

3. Polarizer effect on the cloud using CS2 and borders and also from single file created 3 different exposure and generate HDR

4.Auto levels using CS2 and borders and also created 3 different exposure from single file and generate HDR

Quite pleased with the result considering only started playing with my DSLR 2 days ago and also with photoshop and HDR.


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"using clone tools to remove my wee boy"

Poor lad, going out with you in the cold then you clone him out :D

3 for me :)

as a newbie myself to dslr I'll leave it to others for advice


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Another 2 from today :)




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I would probably be careful using borders, in my opinion (for what its worth) they detract from the image. I find it difficult to really look at an image which has a digital border around it unless its something very simply like a 1-3 pixel solid colour border surrounding the image.

This is of course completely down to individual taste but something I feel should be considered. :)


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Yeah, i just learned how to do this border. I prefer nice and simple like around 2px or 3px black border actually :)


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I adore the first picture on the first post - the way your boy looks so nonchalant whilst you're quite clearly appreciating the wonderful design behind him really gives the picture some personality. Lovely shot!

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