A few from Sunday in London


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Hi guys,

I haven't posted for a while, mainly due to the amount of GCSE coursework that I have had to do at the moment. Managed to get up to London at the weekend with a friend. Decided I would take some car pictures in preparation for Gumball on the 29th. I really do need to start making use of the rule of thirds, as I find my pictures tend to get the focal point in the middle all of the time.

Side profile of a Ferrari 599GTB
Exif: Shutter - 1/338sec, Aperture - F4.9, Focal Length - 8mm, ISO-200
DSCF1282 copy.jpg

Porsche Carrera GT
Exif: Shutter - 1/324sec, Aperture - F3.2, Focal Length - 9mm, ISO-200
DSCF1297 copy.jpg

Regent Street Sign
Exif: Shutter - 1/261sec, Aperture - F4.4, Focal Length - 63mm, ISO-250
DSCF1290 copy.jpg

C&C as always is very much welcome. All pictures were taken in auto mode, as I wasn't in the mood for manual.

Can anybody explain to my why I don't get proper focal Length readings. I have a Fuji S5600 and in the example of the Regent street sign I took that at full zoom, but it says 63mm whereas my camera has a 10x zoom?



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Nice shots. Thanks for reminding me about the Gumball, i missed it last year but went the year before. I had just got my 350D that week and was well impressed with the cars and camera.

I know what you mean about the rules of thirds. because i use the centre focus point on my 30D i then to get off balanced shots as well. like heads in the middle of the frame. Guess its just practice. I did start using the upper focus point on heads and that helped a bit but i dont think you can do that with your Fuji.


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A good way of getting the rule of thirds on a S5600 is to use the overlaid grid on your lcd/viewfinder. And if you want to use a specific area of focus there is a mode where you can do that although it isn't quick to use (as you have to use the menu to change it each time)


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Like the Porsche shot too. Nicely done and takes a bit of guts to squat and take a photo like that in the middle of a busy city.

Can't believe you saw a Carrera GT though. Top Trumps winner or what!


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Cheers for the comments guys. About the focal lenght thing, I was aware that 63mm was at 380mm, but it's when I'm not at full zoom, how can i work out what the focal length is in 35mm terms then?

Funny thing about the GT, me and the friend I was with saw it go along Brompton Road by Harrods, so being us and into our car spotting we walked down the sides of Harrods and spotted it, so we had to literally run after it, with me getting my camera out at the same time. Luckily it got stopped by some traffic lights and allowed me to get the shot.

I do tend to have the grid lines on the LCD/viewfinder, it's just remembering to use the rule of thirds with it though.

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