A DVB-S2 PVR with internal HDD, main use timeshifting.

Ian North

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I am looking to buy a DVB-S2 box for my wife to use when she is in the UK. We have a PC based media box here that has been running Win7/WMC for years with different tuners, first a DVB-T2 quad then two TechnoTrend twin DVB-S2 down in France with no terrestrial UK. For all the hate levelled at it we stuck with WMC because the front end is just so easy and simple. I think it may be three remote keys to record or record series so my partner is used to an easy time selecting recording choices. She does not know or see the maintenance required after channels have moved transponders and matching the moves to epg123 but it does work a treat.
So with simplicity of use in mind for her I am looking at E2 boxes. One product that has my attention is the Zgemma H7S, twin DVB-S and one DVB-T2. It does all it should and will take Kodi which would be a nice bonus.
What I cannot find are any videos of GUI walkthroughs that are meaningful, the only one I saw that showed a TV recording being enabled was very poor in explanantion so no confidence there. I saw a drop down with various settings that looked like they needed an OK, record padding and so on. That won't be any good if that's all there is on offer. I understand that there are different image builds that can be flashed with different capabilities and appearance. What I need to know if there is a clean intuitive interface with few keystrokes to set a recording and few more to change recording preferences.

Ian North

Standard Member
So after looking at the Zgemma H7S I bought a used Vu+ Duo2 that has 2xDVB-S2 and 1xDVB-T2 instead.
It looks like I have a lot to learn in a short space of time looking at the fairly packed forums dedicated to E2 boxes!

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