A definitive 360 streaming guide - please???

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Hi Folks,

Perhaps Im not bright enough to work it out, but any threads that are discussing the means of streaming film that is stored on the PC and to be watched on the TV, via the Xbox360 (in my case) seem to miandre until when youve got to the end of the thread, youve lost all idea of where to start!. The thread is not doing this on purpose, of course, and everyones input is welcome, but its pretty difficult to work out, all the same.

I want to stream, or record onto DVD, Hd content to my 360/360 HDDVD player and watch on my HDready television without losing any quality along the way.

Can anyone please put together a definitive guide on how to do this.

Not all of us have a media centre PC - do we need one?

Can it be played on the 360 alone, without the HDDVD drive?

Is it better to hardwire it, rather then wireless?

Where can we get the software to do it?

when we download that software, are there obstacles in the way, such as framework passports etc(god knows what they are - i think I was asked when i downloaded the software "encode360")

If we record it on DVD, is it a special DVD? What sort of space is took up with HD content on a disc?

What files are able to be read on the HDDVD drive? Only .wmv? Is there a HDwmv? I read somewhere they are the same, then somewhere else they arent.

If we need to convert files, namely ts, to the right file for the 360, whats the best software?

Now I may be asking for the golden fleece here, but what Im asking all you brainy guys and gals out there is to help non technical idiots like me for a dummies guide on how to do this.

Anyone who can contribute to this thread, I will be very grateful too.

By rights, there should only be about one or two replies, with plenty of thank you replies following it!

Thank you and I hope everyones having a nice Easter break


I've spent countless hours tring to gte my head around this one and in short what your asking for is not possible (at least not yet and with the 360!)

The solutions out there are flaky and require constant effort to ensure they work! Codec issues... OS issues... service etc... it's a real headache.. trust me!

Another thing that bugs me is that you have to have your PC on to use the Media Centre!!! Why not just connect a PC to your TV!!! Some nice PVRs out there which would do everything you want!

Thats my thoughts on the 360 streaming solutions to date (if MS where to make ISO and DVDs stream out of the box that would be the killer app and they know it! legal stuff stand in the way!!)

So what can you do quick cheap and which matches all your requirments.... well XBOX 1 is the solution that I'm using.

It plays in 720p.
Can cope with DTS and DD 5.1.
Plays ALL video formats. DVDs / ISO / WMV / ASF / MOV / etc....
Runs very very quietly and uses little power!!Can play files from a NAS (Network Storage so PC is not required to be on)

The only draw back I can think of is no 1080p support and I'm sure if it can handle HD-DVD files? it can play HD Divx as I've played those fine and look great.

Plus you can softmod the xbox for just a few quid (actually this forum has a free softmod pack which users send to each other) and the box costs next to nothing. Have one in every room (I have 2! and a 360)

Oh it also can play games :)

that's my 2 cents worth... sorry itsnot what your after but a solution you may want to look into -


Deep Joy

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Many thanks chaps, especially to you Ben for taking time to write your reply.

Scouser andy - I did follow that thread before, and thats what was confusing me, you scrolled halfway down the page and people had problems.

If theres not a clear transparent answer to the solution, then right now, its not meant to be a feature, but like all things, in time, it will get sorted.

Once again, thanks to all for contributing.

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