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A decent 37" TV for under £500?


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Hello all,

Been looking for a new TV for a while, and have decided that 37" is about the right size for me.

Thing is, at this size, is it worth spending more for super-duper picture processing, motion-handling gimmickry or dubious "live" network features, when there appears to be good value sets on offer for less than £500?

It is annoying though, that these budget TVs don't seem to get reviewed nearly as often as the high-end or even mid-range screens. That's why I'm hoping people here will be able to help me out.

The main importance to me is watching films, performance with sports or console gaming is of little consequence as far as I'm concerned.

Here are some examples that I've been looking at:

Panasonic Viera TX-L37U2B

A basic 1080p screen from a respected brand. The TX-L37S20B is the next step up, but it is significantly more expensive, and for what exactly? My only doubt is that Panasonic don't even list it as one of their products on their website. So, is it to be avoided, or is it a hidden gem for £450?

Sony Bravia KDL37EX401U

Same price, for a Sony! Seems to me the only downside is that it has Bravia engine 2 rather than 3, but that's it. The EX403 has BE3, but no motion processing, for that you need the EX503. And at this size, are they even necessary?

Panasonic TX-P37X20B

My left-field choice is a plasma, again £450. Now, I have seen good reviews of this one, and previous budget Panasonic plasmas, not bad for a 720p screen. I'm considering it mainly because plasma supposedly still has an edge for films. Plus wouldn't the fact that plasma is inherently better at motion make buying an expensive LCD that uses electronic trickery to artificially improve motion rather silly?

So, what do you think? Are these decent bargains, or is it worth spending more (at least £100, remember, which is a lot at this price level) on the step-up models, such as the L37S20B or the 37ex403?

Or is plasma the best way to go for this kind of money?

I'll be watching mainly HD films from my Istar media player via HDMI, and watching TV with my Humax PVR connected via SCART.

Thanks for your help :)

PS Sadly, I've had to rule out Samsung deliberately as their latest 'C' range all seem to have dropped their analogue audio outputs, which I need for my old Denon amp. Shame, otherwise they might be just what I'm looking for.


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Well the Samsung B550 is a cracking telly for £400 and has good reviews

Yes, the older B models do have analogue outputs it seems, thanks! :)

Might still be able to pick one up, but would probably rather go for a current model to be honest.

Anybody have any experience on how cheaper Sonys or Panasonics compare? Is it a good idea to go for a entry-level TV from a top brand and get good basic quality with fewer features, or do you just end up paying for the name?


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im pretty much in the same exact boat, looking for a decent 37 inch model for around 500 so I thought id bump and see if anyone has some comments.

Please!!!! :laugh:

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