A "Data" Channel?


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I was talking to a freind the other day and was saying how USB Flashdrives and MP3 Players work with the PS3 and Xbox 360 (Apart from my 60GB Zen
Vision M that only works with 360 if its using US firmware and hwo it dosnt liek teh PS3)

And I said it would be great if tehre was a data channle or something liek that on the Wii that could read USB devices and see whats on them and would be great if you could play any MP3's or Video Files that sorta stuff on it...

Something that may put a use to the USB ports.... Ive only seen it be used for oen thing and that was USB to Ethernet thing

He also mentiond that someone either suggested that or its something thats a work in progress

Sorry if this makes no sence in a hurry to go other things :p

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