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I've only just entered the mystical world of home-cinema projectors, having just bought an entry-level LCD unit for £1300(a Sanyo Z2). To be honest, I'm incredibly impressed by the Sanyo's performace, except perhaps by the black-levels (which is inherent to LCD anyway I understand).

Without wishing to provoke any arguments here - and never having seen a properly setup CRT projector in action - are they really worth the many thousands of pounds they cost? I imagine the 'law of deminishing returns' applies to home cinema as it does to most things, but I am curious to know just how good a 'high-end' CRT projector can be?


second hand a good CRT projector would cost roughly the same, if not less, than what you paid for your LCD and IMO will offer much better performance. imagine the quality you get with a regular TV - that is pretty much how CRT projectors (properly installed and set up) will perform.

the real question isnt the money - but the size. typically they are around 80cm long, well about the size of a large coffee table. they are also heavy.. around 60kg. you don't have to ceiling mount them, but wherever you put one, its gonna take up space.

I, for one, have the space and would rather lose some floor area and get the best possible image i can than have a nice small unit which couldn't do blacks properly.

i love my huge beast of a projector and wouldn't trade it for anything!


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Well i've got a basic starter CRT unit, and it would win hands down everytime over LCD, maybe a newer DLP unit might match it for PQ.

CRT PJ's do have an amazing picture quality, but then could you live with a huge & heavy box in the same room ?? Plus there not really a plug'n'play like an LCD or DLP PJ. And take many hours and skill to get the best out of 'em.

Yes ok they did cost 1000's of pounds many years ago, and can be picked up reasonably cheap s/h. But then only the hardcore CRT nut's stay with this technology, and enjoy tweaking their huge boxes. ;)

I hope this helps, and i haven't put you off buying a CRT projector ??



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