A couple of Questions about my Philips WS set


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1) When I turn on the TV an odd ting sound comes from within the set & it keeps tinging every 10 - 20 seconds or so.
At first I put this down to the TV coming out of stand by mode or a reaction to the static as the TV first gets turned on, but even after a couple of hours you can still hear an occasional ting sound coming from inside the set. (although its nowhere near as often as when you first turn the TV on).

2) How bad does a geometry issue have to be before its considered a fault ?. When watching 2.35:1 dvds the bottom right of the screen is slightly noticably lower than the left. I got an engineer out to look who offered to take it away into the warehouse for testing but he said that he doubts that the warehouse people will do anything because it isnt noticable enough.


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1). Possible faulty degaussing circuit ??
2). It's bad enough for you to show concern therfore it deserves action. What then defines ''noticeble enough''?

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