A Couple of Onkyo 605 Setup Questions . . .

Gizmo 76

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Good Afternoon,

I have a couple of question regarding settting up the Onkyo 605, if I tell you what equipment and the connection methods we're planning on using first, it might make it easier to explain.

What we have, and how it would be connected to the amp:-

  • Xbox 360 (HDMI)
  • CD player (2 x Audio Phono Leads) - Will be used mainly on Zone 2 in another room
  • Telewest (Scart to S-Video Lead + 2 x Audio Phono Leads)
  • DVD Player (Component + Optical Digital Audio)
Then from the Amp to the TV would be a HDMI connection.

Now if all the above was connected using the mentioned methods, would the amp be able to bypass the sound straight through the HDMI connection to the TV. It's Just that we don't want to be running a 5.1 setup all the time, we might just want to watch TV as normal with the sound coming out of the TV itself.

I'm not totally sure the above is possible as it mean the amp is converting the dolby digital signals and then outputting through the HDMI, but if it was possible that would be great :thumbsup:

If it isn't actually possible I guess that the best way to go about things would be to only route the sound from the seperate devices (expect for the 360) to the amp, and have the video connections going into the TV.

Any ideas on the above??

Also one more quick question, will this amp allow me to use a 1080p connection with the 360?? I just got a black screen when I tried, and 1080i seemed to be converted into a 720p signal according to the TV. So i'm assuming that 720p is the best to go with??

Cheers for any advice :smashin:


Gizmo 76

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Good Morning all,

Hope it's ok mods if I just bump this once, as i'm still trying to find the answers to these questions.

Cheers for any help,

Giz :)


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In order for the amplifier to send downmixed (to stereo, obviously) signals to a television with built in speakers, the HDMI Audio Out option needs to be set to ON. The incoming signal is irrelevent, it can be stereo, dolby digital, dts, it all gets downmixed to stereo and sent to the TV. No sound will be sent to any speakers attached to the speaker outputs of the amp. It's a bit of a fuss to change this everytime you want to use just the TV speakers mind.

The issue you are having with the 360 I assume is down to the HDMI resolution database (EDID) conversation between the three devices. The 605 cannot scale the video resolution, although (as I know someone will nitpick me on this :D) there is a 'hidden' scaler, which scales to 720p, but it's not designed to work with PAL sources hence why it's hidden.

What display do you have?

Gizmo 76

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Cheers for the reply :thumbsup:

The TV is a Panasonic 42inch Plasma - TH-42PX70.

I had the DVD player connected and outputting Dolby Digital through an Optical connection, and had the HDMI Audio out set to 'ON', but I couldn't get any sound from the TV :confused:

Also at the time of testing I had the 360 connected via Component (it will be HDMI), and once again I couldn't get this to output the sound through the TV.

Maybe I'll have to have another go, as at the moment only the sound has been routed through the amp, due to me not being able to get the sound out to the TV the other way. But if you're saying it works, then I must of set something wrong, somewhere along the line, any idea what that could of been? :suicide::D

The reason we want the sound routed through to the TV at this time is because we don't actually have the 5 surround speakers yet :rolleyes:. We're just using Zone 2 for some stereo stuff, but the surround setup will be sorted VERY soon :devil:

Also what is this hidden scaler you mention?? you say it is not suited for PAL sources, but would it scale a Multi-regions player US DVDs upto 720p??

Cheers again,



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I need similar advice.

Taking delivery of new Viera plasma to marry up with 605.

Have previously linked DVD, SKY and Wii with scarts/svideo to TV then audio via optical/coax to amp. Now considering using amp to route video and audio.

Will i notice any better picture with the sky/dvd through amp to TV via HDMI??? DVD through S video

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