A couple of games from Comet with good trade value


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Forgot to add that Advance Wars can be ordered instore for collection to avoid delivery charges.

I also use Gamestation to trade my games in, as we have a local CEX store they will match the trade price plus give an extra pound.
CEX can be expensive with the prices they sell at.

One last thing, if you use the 'Click and Collect' feature, go through Quidco for 3.5% cashback ;)


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Just come back from town, picked up my 2 reserved copies of Advance Wars, and 1 copy of Justice League from Comet for a total of £15.
Went to Gamestation, they had to price match CEX as they would only give £5, and £6 trade-in.
Got myself Sega Fishing with the rod, and still have a £1 credit left over.
Not bad for a £15 spend i say :)


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Can I just say that this forum is absolutely not for members to profiteer on.

Posting bargains so members can find the cheapest deal is great but posting them for the sole reason to profit from them is not on.

This is AVForums, not fleabay.

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