A complicated RC5200 setup


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hi there all, I was thinking about trying to program my hardly ever used RC5200.

Does anyone know if its possible to do such complicated things as the following (this concerns my Yamaha 630 amp)

set the volume level to an exact number i.e. -60

set the Yamaha in stereo mode (i.e. the remote button toggles between stereo and pro logic but I want it in a specific state).

By the looks of it I cant and what I really need is a much better AV amp. :rolleyes:



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I have the 620 amp (the older model of your 630) and it doesn't support discrete volume levels. As far as I know, only the high-end Yamaha amps have this facility.

I'm not sure if there are discrete codes for the stereo and/or Pro Logic states - you'd need to search on Remote Central or the Yamaha website (USA). You can generate discrete codes for use with Yamaha amps and receivers by taking the command codes supplied on their website and using IRTool (see Remote Central again) to generate a Pronto-compatible code. If you search the Pronto forum there you should find plenty of info on how to use IRTool.

Good luck!


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You've probably thought of this already but I use multiple Vol- commands followed by a set number (experiment) of Vol+ commands to set the volume on my "System On" macro.

That way if someone switches off the amp with the power button rather than the "System Off" macro (which has multiple Vol- codes before discrete Off codes for every device) I won't get deafened by another argument in the Queen Vic because someone else in the house was listening to Metallica the night before.


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