A combined Video and Sound Processor?


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I know is possible to pass sound through a video processor, and to pass video through a sound processor.

Is there such thing as a combined unit that will do all your sound and video processing in one unit to the standard of video and sound processor seperates e.g. DVDO or Lumagen for video and Rotel or Arcam for sound.

Or maybe this is something to come in the future?

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There are a few amps that do this. Denon for example. TAG's AV192R preamp could be fitted with their scaler and in USA they have the Anthem D2 which gets favourable reviews for videoprocessing. I doubt any video processing manufacturers will get in to audio side and from my experience the guy who do solely video do it better than those who try to do both and the guys who currently do solely audio do that better than the guys who try to do both....



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the Anthem D2 does seem to be highly regarded for both, though it's video interfaces are not as flexible as a good VP would be.


Peter Baker

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I've also heard good things about the Anthem, for both video and HT audio. Supposed to be pretty poor at music however, if this is important


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I would always fear, even at Anthem money, that a compromise will be made somewhere. On the VP side EDID editing, prep type functionality, video profiles for multiple outputs and inputs, gamma tracking, on the audio side just having all those electronics buzzing away inside the same box from a single power supply can't be that healthy. Considering there's no real advantage of trying to squeeze into a one-box solution why not go for an audio processor made by people who simply love to process audio, and a video processor made by people who simply love to video process!!


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I'd always want separate solutions - part of the charm of having video and audio processing separate from each other (and the screen) is that one can pick and choose, plus upgrade individual elements whilst holding on to others.

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