A Challenge..... To fans/enemies of C4 TV Schedulers!

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by PoochJD, Jun 7, 2004.

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    I recently made a big boo-boo in this thread here, claiming that CWhore didn't show a certain episode of "NYPD Blue".

    So, because I believe that CWhore are genuinely incapable of scheduling TV shows correctly, I want to issue a challenge to readers of the AV Forums! :clap:

    Your task, is to schedule 24 hours worth of TV, as if it were to be transmitted on Channel 4. You can pick any day of the week you want, and schedules must be based on genuine programmes that CWhore currently show (or will be showing). Your schedule will start from 6am, and run till 5:59am the next day. Bear in mind that you must keep to the watershed/BBFC certificates rules (so no putting "Basic Instinct" on at 7pm folks, or "The Sopranos" at Midday).

    However, bearing all this in mind, there is but ONE condition: You must try to please as many viewers as possible, as much of the time. So, even though you may hate reality TV shows like "Butt Blubber 5", bear in mind that CWHore does schedule this quite a lot. But you can't schedule "BB5" all day, just because you personally love it.

    Okay. The challenge is set. I will post my schedule, in a day or so.

    To give you some ideas, here are some CWhore shows, and their current status:
    - Smallville (Season 3, due to air in the summer)
    - Stargate SG-1 (new series to air from August)
    - NYPD Blue (Season 9 ending in about a month, Season 10 still to be confirmed.)
    - Big Brother 5 (will run throughout the next 10 weeks!)
    - Daytime TV tends to be repeats of "Cheers", "Frasier", "Third Watch", and "ER", with some daytime makeover shows, and documentaries occasionally appearing.
    - Most days, there will be an old, pre-1970's film on at lunchtimes. If not, it's sports coverage of some sort. At 10pm or 11pm msot nights, a modern post-1970's film is on.

    Good Luck Everyone! Let's see what you can do! :thumbsup:


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