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New here (obviously heh) but I signed up because this seems like the place to asks these sorts of questions. I've asked on the computer forums I know and I've googled and I've got the distinct impression that people just don't know from all the umminmg ahing and general contradictory answers.

Heres the thing, I have the once in a lifetime chance to build the PC I want to without limit (I'm a gamer btw). I'm getting top of the line parts, watercooled, the works.

Only problem is the monitor. I know that flatscreen monitors can't hit 100Hz due to DVI cables not transmitting enough data and that the refresh rate they list has to do with anti ghosting technology they employ.

My next option was to go for a 100Hz HDTV and smash it straight into the HDMI output on the graphics card I'm getting. Now I thought this would work but something popped up recently in a google search that has made me doubt.

Now the cards I'm getting will output 100Hz without breaking a sweat however, I read that apparently, HDTVs with 100Hz ability dont actually recieve at that and its an onboard scaling chip that allows them to do it after the signal is recieved. Now obviously this is going to be a problem since that means wiuth VSync enabled, my cards would be outputting at 60Hz and then that would be upscaled. Which would be inacurate and also effect the network performance of some of the games I play (in fact the main game I play).

I really don't mind paying the price for an HDTV if it means I can get a flatpanel display kicking out a true 100FPS but if its going to be a doctored or tampered signal then I'm not up for wasting the money when I could get a tripplehead array and have 3 flatpanel monitors spanning a massive resolutiong at 60Hz instead.

Basicly I'm asking you guys if you know of any way I can get a flatpanel display with true 100Hz from the input and not tampered?

Hoping someone here knows what I need cause getting a true 100FPS is one of the main goalsd for this setup.

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Can't really see what the problem is, just buy a pc monitor - that's what they've made for.


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I believe that like DVI, HDMI currently isn't capable of doing native 100hz/ 120hz. However I think it will be possible with HDMI V1.4 as it will again double the bandwidth of HDMI V1.3b and will support 100hz/ 120hz signal transfer.
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100Hz HDTVs will accept max 60Hz signal from HDMI. But if you can find a DVI to LVDS converter than you may bypass the TVs scaling board and directly feed the 100Hz signal via DVI to the panel . But it won't be easy. You have to find the panels LVDS pin order, and find a suitable cable, etc...
From google I found this: Test monitors LCD plasma screen flat panels TMDS DVI LVDS converter
It's not suitable for your needs but you can search more:)


Most 100Hz TVs will display 60Hz input on HDMI at 120Hz.

Please be aware as a gamer that with motion compensated frame insertion on there will always be some delay. The theoretical minimum is 1/2 frame or about 17ms in order to receive the following frame before the intermediate frame is displayed. Including processing time the delay will realistically be slightly longer.

Motion compensated frame insertion will provide a sharper clearer picture but delay will be unavoidable. It might depend on the game as to whether this tradeoff is worthwhile.

Even without these modes the delay varies between TVs, from these forums Sony TVs seem pretty good and Philips bad on this particular point.


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There are true 120Hz monitors, but they are rare at the moment but not as rare as rocking horse ****. Samsung has one soon.

The primary use for these is 3D since the display is refreshed with two images but I think they only have them in 22". Have a look on the Asus website for more info.

My monitor is 1920x1200 and I have scaling turned off since I am outputting at 1920x1200, I don't get any problems with the pic. and can play Serious Sam/Half Life at max or play HD videos.

I'm sure you'd be happy with a 27" monitor with the cash you have.

At the end of day I think you are making it awkward for yourself and are confused by numbers and specs.
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lol I'm not confused by numbers and specs and no, there arent any 120Hz monitors. Theres one coming out in April (ie, not released yet) but I'm building this rig in about a week, so unless you have a flux capacitor handy, theres not much chance of me getting one of them.

Coincidentally ive decided to settle for getting a tripplehead and using some regular monitors then upgrading in April.

Also, I've just noticed, you live very close to me ha.


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Wouldn't you want something with a very low response time for gaming?
i dont know if tv,s and monitors have the same response times.


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We aren't getting any of this bad weather in Great Yarmouth.

Dell do a nice 27" monitor.

Are you getting the Matrox 3 head gfx card? They also do a quad card as well over £400.

These are not good for games since you are a gamer.

Since you have unlimited funds, you'd be better off with AMD or Nvidia that release drivers every month which have dual output. Get 2 cards and you can have 4 outputs.
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What benefit is 100hz gonna give?

I assume ur just trying to do this to show it can be done? Otherwise i don't see the point, a good Pc monitor will be able to play games all day long without any problems.


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I don't see the point either especially with your choice of graphics card for games. The 120Hz are ideal for 3D since there is a frame for each eye with the 3D glasses.

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