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Color television in America turns 50 years old this week.
On March 25, 1954 the Radio Corporation of America produced the first
CT-100, which cost $1,000 (close to $7,000 in todays dollars).
It had a 15 inch diagonal screen, 1,012 parts, weighed 160 pounds, had 36
vacuum tubes, and 150 feet of wire. 5,000 of them were built, only 93 are
known to still be in existance. In 1954, there was a total of 68 hours of
color programming broadcast for the entire year.


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The English Language will have been bastardised by the Americans for over 200 years this week.

The language now contains 8746 Americanisms, 9827 needless abbreviations and 5672 miss-spellings.

Why do the Americans feel the need to alter the spelling of words such as colour? ...anybody?


I would hasten to add that many English people fail to properly use their own language.... let he without sin pass judgement and all that....


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Actually, american english is historically purer than our own.
A friend of mine studied linguistics at uni. She once told me that it was us that changed how things were spelt and the rules for spelling, not them.


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Next you'll be telling us that the Americans were right to insist on HDTV whilst we deliberately rush to implement out of date technology for digital-TV.


Timmy B

Alot of what sacd says is true; there was a series of programs on the bbc about the english language recently.

Take autumn and fall for example.

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