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So next year, I'm moving in to a shared flat with a few friends. I've been quite interested in HiFi for a little while now, though I've only ever owned 2 channel systems. I've now managed to accumulate 3 pairs of speakers - A pair of Wharfedale Pacific Pi-40 3.5 Way Floorstanders, a pair of B&W CM2 Bookshelves (circa 2003?) and a pair of B&W DM601s from the mid 90s.

When I move in, there will be 6 of us each contributing £175 to the home cinema system. We're budgeting £450 for a TV, and so we're left with £600 for the audio side of things. I was hoping to get a centre, a sub and an amp with that money, but I realise there might be some (serious) problems with setting up a 7.1 setup with such a variety of speakers. So I guess I want to know is first, is this feasible at all, and if so, what would you recommend for an amp, a center, and a sub.

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You should ideally add a Wharfdale centre from the same range, which I presume will mean going second hand. Otherwise go for a different Wharfdale speaker from another range but get the best one you can afford. The centre speaker is one of the most important speakers in a 5.1 setup and the front three speakers should really be the same range or at the very least from the same manufacturer to keep it tonally balanced. I wouldn't think you would have any problems using both sets of B&W as rears in a 7.1 setup, although do you need 7.1? Will the room be large?

Check the subwoofer forum for suggestions on a sub to go in your setup but BK make subs in various sizes and pricepoints that usually get the nod on here. You can buy direct and they're not that expensive for what you get.

As to the amp, I would try and demo if you can. Those Wharfdales are pretty good speakers, so why not pair it up with a second hand high-end AV receiver (Yam A1, A2, Denon etc.). More bang for your buck and plenty of power to feed those speakers. That should come in well under budget and leave you some left over for cabling and stands for the rears if needed.

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