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I am looking for a new AGP graphic card. I don't need anything fancy as I don't play games but I want it to drive a 24" monitor. The reason I don't need anything fancy is that in the new year I plan on building a new machine that will be PCI-EX based so this is just an interim measure. Whilst browsing my local store I came across a PNY GeForce 7600GS 256MB that might fit the bill. As part of the requirements it stated a P4 (LGA775 socket) plus the usual Celeron, Athlon, Sempron.

I'm used to seeing specs quoting processors, memory etc but never socket types.Can anyone clarify this?

Next question is it likely to run ok in my Pentium 4 3.2GHZ HT Socket 478 motherboard.

I already have a 8x AGP Sparkle NVidia 6200 fitted and I thought the 7600GS would simply be a faster version of this card


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Wouldn't bother for the sake of a couple of months - but it'll work yeah


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might mean it will struggle to run on the older P4 socket chips that were (if my memory is working ok..lol) under 2.4Ghz (or 2.8Ghz..one of those..i think..lol)

cant really see it being a problem tbh, but you never know with graphics cards, they can suffer the funniest of problems if one thing isnt quite right in the system...lol

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