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A bit of help please.


We are thinking of knocking lounge and dining room into one and changing things around. We will be moving the gas fire ( hole in wall type) and mounting the tv (39" Panasonic Plasma) above the fire.
The Sky box (currently plus but will be HD) will be in a unit further along the wall.
My question is what cables do I need chasing into the walls?
If I were to buy a seperate amp and go for a 5+1 system then obviously the speaker cales need to be chased in, but will one hmmi cable to the TV be enough with the Sky Ouput routed through the amp?
If I we to go with a Bose 2+1 what implications would that have on the cabling.
Many thanks for your help.


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Hi, the cables you will need are a power cable to a socket (ideally have a socket put directly behind the tv, this can be done by spurring it off the nearest, get a qualified electrician to do this) You are right in thinking if you use a AV receiver that you can run 1 hdmi to tv and run everything else through that although i would run another hdmi as a back up. Secondly, coax aerial for freeview if you want this as a back up, i would run a cat5e for future proofing e.g. internet tv etc and other cables to think about are component if you have a wii althought these can go through the receiver. I would recommend putting the cables in some sort of trunking so that if you ever wish to add more cables or remove any then you can do without hacking into the wall especially if its a solid wall, not so necessary if its dot and dab or stud. Im not entirely sure about what would happen cable wise with the bose system, which one is it? although i think you will have to run a a cable separately to each piece of equipment (dont quote me on that) lol



Thanks for the quick response.
Yep I discussed with the buildr putting a elec socket behind the Tv and the ariel socket there also.
Its a solid wall so the trunking is a good idea.
Reading some other stuff I'll probably go for a seperate amp and speakers.
Is 5.1 really worth the extra over a good 2.1? If so any recomendations ( or is that another forum)


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Also, forgot to mention you can use brush cable entry plates to finish it off and give a nice clean finish. Remember to use a deep backbox at least 35mm to make sure theres plenty of room for cables.
I always think that the separate route is best as you can upgrade bit by bit and also it allows you to put together a system taht suits your needs. Regarding 2.1 and 5.1 i think it depends on the amount of use and size of room first of all along with other factors however, i would always go for 5.1 to give the full experience. If i were you, pop into somewhere like richer sounds and ask for a demo of a 2.1 system and a 5.1 you should notice a quite considerable difference and that should make your mind up for you lol
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