A bit of an upgrade!


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Hi i'm new to the forum game,I have been into home cinema over the last 7 years as such When i got my first Philips 28" widescreen. I then swapped my 28' for a Sony 32" and a Sony DAV-s400 5.1 home cinema that was enough for rented accommodation. In 2006 I bought my first house so decided to buy an lcd A Samsung LE32S86BDX/XEU ehich just replaced the sony and i had a xbox 360 and the home cinema system which by then i had replaced the sony satellites with Eltax silverado package.

The setup as it was:


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We decided it redecorate and i thought about putting in a screen and pj but with rising mortgages costs and a small daughter cost was an issue so i bought second hand cheap projector and a pull down screen from ebay just to get my foot in the door with the look of upgrading when possible, while i was on ebay i saw a bargin of a Yamaha Amp for £40 i thought as a replacement for the dav-s300 why not?, I've always built my own pc's and built one for a media server/center fuction with 2tb of storage and as a means to hide away the dvd's

As it is now

All equipment hidden in under stairs cupboard apart from sky as i'm waiting for Hd so i'll get them to fit it there.

With the screen down


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More projectors :smashin: Looks great


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More pictures as requested.....


new media pc for main bedroom (3.2ghz dual core 500GB hardrive 2GB ram geforce 8800gs dvdrw) will be connected through a network of 3 BT homehubs streaming dvd's and music round the house.


Mordaunt short 304 center hoping to replace the rest of the Eltax with mordaunt shorts.


Old but still kicking Yamaha DSP-A595 (if it's not broke don't fix it) although i would like to upgrade by christmas.And A Panasonic DMR E85H with progressive scan.


PS3 for blu-ray and High Def gaming


Sanyo PLC-SL15 Projector his will be upgraded asap!


Media pc in understairs cupboard (3.2GHZ dual core,2GB Ram,Geforce 8800GS 2Tb of hardrives and a online dvd collection...


Sony NAS CZ1 network client streams mp3 in the kitchen.


Logitech Harmony 525


The macbook I'm a mac convert.



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Mac and Media Centre. Nice


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Nice upgrade



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Macbook :smashin:

I too am a Mac convert.... why I bothered with PC's all these years I will never know:rolleyes:

I like the PJ mount spot ;)


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Great Setup mate, i've got such a softspot for macbooks :smashin:

I love the look of Media Centre on TV when browsing your DVD libary, been contemplating doing the same kinda thing for a while now. Seems like a great way to instantly access all your media without looking for discs :thumbsup:


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I like the wallpaper, not your everyday common stuff. think it works really well :smashin:


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Great set up you have there, just one question though if i may,:confused:

Yeah it makes choosing a film quick and simple and you loose no quality in picture and sound.

what dvd ripping software etc. do you use to get the films onto your hard drive?



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but what do you do if there is a storage failure - all your collection is lost unless you made alternate arrangements....2TB is a lot to loose! think how time consuming it would be to rip it all again!


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Personally i have tried unRaid and FreeNAS as linux solutions... unRaid is good for the JBOD raid, but its damn slow (i tried many tweaks, but it doesnt play well with Vista in my experiance). FreeNAS i didnt really give much testing to, but it does alot, and has a clean interface for admin. Very good on the surface, and it has many raid options.

I've found myself relying on my motherboards hardware raid though, and then using server 2003. Much quicker in my testing!

As for the setup, loving it. Love MS speakers! :)


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What i can see looks very nice, i think that where you have your TV positioned and your seating postioned you could get away with a 40+ inch TV hanging up there.


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Very nice, love the wallpaper for som reason :thumbsup:

Now dump those silly skullkandys into their riteful place, the bin, and get some good headphones like sennhesier, beyer, or grados :D

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