A bit of amp advice needed (looking at getting a new one)


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I currently have an Acoustic Energy AegoP5 system and because it doesnt have a headphone socket it means I can't watch the telly late on at night incase I disturb the missus.
I would like to keep the speakers and sub but the speakers connect up through the sub and are linked to the amp by a single cable.

I assume that I can connect these speakers up to any amp if I take the plugs off the end and just use speaker cable?

Was pondering the sony STRDG710S but I would need to connect my pc up to it using HDMI and the audio would be fed from a coaxial cable (or digital I'm not too fussy) Would it be able to pass through the picture on HDMI and also the audio on a separate connection?


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Finally settled on either the sony or a budget onkyo.

Still need to know whether the speakers from my Aego P5 system will work with either of them.
The satellite speakers currently connect through to the sub on the P5 system through banana plugs and in turn a cable goes from the sub to the Aego amplifier via a multipin cable.
Will I be able to connect these speakers directly to a new amp?

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