A bit of a rant - why, oh why, oh why?

Gary D

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Do we live in one of the most culturally rich nations on earth? Do we have a history that tells not only the story of our nation but much of the planets history too?

if you answered YES to the above questions then can someone explain to me why we have yet another adaptation of "Sense and Sensibility" on TV tonight? I['m not down on "Costume Dramas" I'm just down on the same things being trotted out time after time.

Things based on Jane Austen's work: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000807/

do we not have any other interesting stories to tell from our history? why do we keep having to go back to Austin and Dickens? or some other tale for Victorian Britain? (yes i know Austin isn't Victorian) At least its not another version of Elizabeth I (which is another thing that makes me rant - i'm sick of seeing that woman portrayed on our big and small screens.)

I understand why these things are made - overseas markets - so we can keep up our quaint "Little England" reputation - but i'm deeply, deeply bored with them.

Sorry rant over. Happy new Year :)



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why do we keep having to go back to Austin and Dickens? or some other tale for Victorian Britain?

It's cheap, they already have the costumes and props available.
Using another period would incur huge costs.

Greg Hook

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Couldn't agree more. Can't stand 'costume dramas'. The only one I think is worth watching is the Billie Piper Ruby in the Smoke/Shadow of The North dramas, which I wouldn't consider as a 'costume drama', more of a proper drama.

Haven't they 'sexed up' this recent adaptation? Sure I read somewhere that the family of Jane Austen were complaining to the BBC about it.


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Couldn't agree more. Can't stand 'costume dramas'.

I also couldn't agree more. Even blessed Dr who is always looking for ideas to use period costumes.

I think it's about time we let younger writers tell more contemporary stories rather than wasting licence paying money on the same old period dramas. Let's have a little originality, as much as a new show can be original and how about some great storytelling/terrific drama. More quality like Spooks, less Austen/Dickens

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