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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by cutes6, Jun 14, 2002.

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    Well last night I managed to get a look at a Barco 808 in operation and wow what a big beast they are !!!
    There is no doubt that when you have one of these you definately feel as though you have got your moneys worth and the picture is superb.It has proved to me though that I just could not cope with it at the moment as my cinema room is also the living room and my ceilings at 7ft 10" are just too low - Ah well I will just have to build an extension and make it a dedicated room.

    I was also very suprised at how quite it was for it's size although it was bolted to a very high ceiling but I was very impressed.

    I also got the chance to see a htpc in operation for the first time and I was suprised at how easy it was to use. I have read so many reports on how difficult they can be to use in everyday life but if as Nick has done you get the right components and set it up properly then they are easy to use and work very well.

    Finally the whole point about this thread is that I wanted to thank Nick on this forum for opening his doors to a stranger and helping me making some important choices as to what to do next.

    Nick you are a star and I greatly appreciate what you have done for me and you have proved that without spending stupid money you can get a very good setup that will be the envy of most people who see it - you have made some good choices and have a great setup - thanks once again.
  2. NickBull


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    Thanks Mike,

    Glad to have been of help. It's good to actually chat with a fellow enthusiast face to face, I sometimes think I spend too much time on this forum talking to cyberspace!!

    Like I said, if you need to check anything out again, you know where we are!


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