A big difference between Montior Audio R90s/R270 set-up?

darren s

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Hi all

Would there be a noticeable difference between a home cinema set-up of Monitor Audio Radius R90s all-round, compared to R270 fronts with R90 surrounds?

As for the centre speaker, I always see the R90s bundled with the R180, and the R270s with a R225... I guess that's because the R180 matches the R90s better than the 225, is this correct?

Also, if anyone would like to help me with my speakers/amp buying dilemma, please reply to my other thread here: http://www.avforums.com/forums/home...-radius-kef3005-yam-1065-denon-19-2310-a.html

Thanks people!



I think all these speakers in the Radius range are all interchangeable. I auditioned the R90 in stereo mode and was very impressed by such a small box. My plan was to buy them and mount them using the supplied wall brackets. However, I didn’t buy them. Instead I got their big brothers – the R270 floorstanders. For the centre I chose the R225. I also have a small BK Gemini sub. Very pleased with the sound these produce. At the moment I have a pair of Linn Locales for the rears but these will be replaced within the next few months by a pair of R90’s
When listening to music In stereo I very often don’t bother switching the sub on, so impressed I am with the floorstanders.
By all means put them on your list to audition.

darren s

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Jeez! There I was, all set on just getting the R90s only, then you say how good the R270s are! :facepalm::)


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I've got 270s at the front and 90s at the back. The 90s are very good speakers but when I was auditioning them I found the 270s to be noticeably better for music. If I didn't listen to much music I might well have gone for 90s (or 225s) at the front.

As the other poster said, all the speakers in the Radius range will match well with all the others.

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