a 75kg TV!!



I was thinking of getting a 36" widescreen and was wondering, can two people carry these monsters with fair ease....?


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yeah no prob mate should be easy enough you wanna wanna plan your route before you lift the set though.you dont wanna be standing there holding the beast thinking of the best way to manouvre it round the hall etc.


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oh an good morning lol i just finished night shift so what excuse do you have for being here lmao


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You obviously haven't tried lifting a Sony KV-36FS70 then! That beast weighs in at over 90Kg!!


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its not so much the weight its just awkward to get a good grip on,that an the fact im into bodybuilding an powerlifting lmao so 90kg aint really that great a shkae to me :D


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I'm like silverback i.e into Weight lifting but as he said it's the size of the thing, very hard and Dangerous to lift such a weight with that wide a grip!


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i had real problems with my kv36, needed 3 of us, the weight is an issue, but also it is extremley awkward to move.

You dont want to drop it just for the sake of a third pair of hands.



At least at 90kgs it isn't going to be stolen with ease:D .

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