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Davey B

Hello All,
I'm new to the forum so please bear with me if this an old or dumb question:blush:
I'll soon be upgrading from stereo to surround (at last) and I think I'm going to go for Denons 2106 (unless any of you can give me a good reason not to). For speakers I'm going to plump for Tannoys EFX5.1 or HTS100 and my question is this; the amp can pump out 7.1 and I'd very much like to keep using my old Tannoy 607 mkII's. If I use the old tannoys as the front speakers and the 5.1 kit for the rest of the speakers will it sound wierd? The Denon can be set up for small or large speakers on each channel so I thought it might be able to cope with/compensate for it. I know it's difficult to say without listening to everything wired up, just thought you guys might have some previous knowledge or experience.
Thanks! :thumbsup:

Mr Incredible

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Best advice I can offer is to try it and see. There may be other factors at play which will determine the interaction of the fronts with the rears, notably phase, room modes and cut-over frequency, let alone having different types of speakers.

Many people prefer dipoles or bi-poles for the surround speakers, and these on the whole sound totally different to any "normal" speaker. So to have some different speakers on your surround is not, IMO, going to make a huge impact overall. But as you say, without listening to it, who knows?

Perhaps what you should do is set up your 5.1 speakers in 5.1 fashion and leave your Tannoys to one side for now. Listen to and get accustomed to 5.1 surround and become familiar with your favourite material(s). Live with it for a few weeks and then swap to 7.1 with your Tannoys at the front and see if the difference is for the better of the worse as far as 5.1 material is concerned.

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Malice's advice is spot on.

I'd only add, that from what I remember of my years flogging the 6xx range, that modern AV speakers will be more forward in their voicing, meaning much more emphasis on the treble. I was always a big fan of the octagonal cabinet Tannoys, at a time when the Missions of the day were getting all the plaudits inspite of the really obvious treble.

I'd feel, inspite of my fond memories, that you'll find it really hard to integrate the 609s with the more recent surround packages. As sounds pan around, you'll find it really obvious as the 'voice' of the sound passes through the 609s. They won't sound integrated and that will spoil the effect, regardless of how capable they are.

Do as Malice says, but I think you'll end up flogging the 609s. :(

FWIW, unless you have a really long room, a well implimented 5.1 will always beat a stretched 7.1 system and the 2106 is no powerhouse, inspite of the claims. Remember that the power that isn't being diverted to an extra pair of speakers will be used by the remaining 5. They'll sound less stressed with the extra reserves on tap and that will allow higher volumes or more relaxed presentation.

FWIW, I ran 7.1 for quite a while and have reverted to 5.1 and can see no reason to go back.


Davey B

Thanks Chaps, thats exactly the sort of advice I was after. I guess it just comes down to "suck it and see". When I've given it a good run I'll post back with my opinion, it might be of use to somebody else.
BTW, it's very nice to have someone speak highly of the 6xx Tannoy speakers. I've been running mine for years off various equipment (mainly a Pioneer A400X) and nothing else I've heard in the same price range comes close. Even if I end up not using them on the Denon I'll set them up in another room, I'd never sell them!:smashin:

jon smith

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There was a matching Tannoy centre for these wasn't there - a 621 or something similar (can't remember exactly).

You could then use the others for the rears.


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Accepting that product choice is entirely yours to make......allow me to say that I would be somewhat concerned about matching this rather decent mid range AV with the EFX's....that sub just wont do the business IMHO and I question whether that Tannoy series are robust or of commensurate quality to showcase a good AV receiver. Consider spending a little less on the AV and a bit more on the sub/speakers.

If your room allows for speaker placement behind your listening position (~5ft) then a better soundstage will result from 7.1 - but dont expect it to be significantly more noticeable than an equivalent 5.1 system with good matching components.

Just my two cents, but a better sub and speaker package......will give you the sound you want and a much better bang for your buck in the long run.

Stick to matching speakers all around - the SVS package here (5.1/7.1 option) is hard to beat at that price. They are built like tanks.....

Good luck but be prudent with a forward view as to how you spend your hard earned.......


Davey B

Once again, my thanks for the advice. I think I'm going to have to spend a couple of days in my local shops demo room before I make a decision. Should be fun :clap:
BTW, the matching Tannoy center/rear from the sixes series was the 623, but there seems to be none around anyway.

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