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9986 awesome but hums!


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As some of you may or may not be aware I am on my second 9986. The first was v1.3 the second is v2.1. This was for a good reason. . . . I have a Tosh 340 with component PAL prog and have to have v2.1 for this to work via DVI.

So what is the problem. . . . . on the v2.1 I have the hum when the contrast is below 98 (by the way this does not happen from cold, it takes a few moments before the hum starts) and the intelligent lighting hardly works. On the v1.3 there was no contrast hum and the intelligent lighting worked perfectly.

This is an amazing set when it comes to picture quality and even the sound quality is quite good, but the build quality and the quality of components and features is absolutely shocking. Why do we put up with this stuff? :lease:


Alan D

This is a very unfortunate development with this generally excellent Philips TV. No one reported it with earlier sets - so something has happened recently to the manufacture (are they using different panels for example? Or have they "improved the spec" but inadvertently introduced this fault? All you can do is try for another - which is a pain, but seems the only solution.


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Thats what this Forum is all about. We don't let them off with it. I've said it before, but this really pains me. We are going to great lengths here to help people with what is a very important and difficult decision (OK its hardly life or death, but you get my drift) and then Philips deliver a TV that bloody Fizzles and Hums.

Sorry Ian, if it is intolerable, get another one...there are good 'uns out there.



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wouldnt surprise me if there are now more being shipped that hum than those that dont. I have had two and they have both hummed :thumbsdow i am now waiting for a philips engineer to call. Be interesting to hear what he says!!!

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