9986 1.3 firmware with HDMI/DVI connection?



I've read many posts regarding the 9986 an the 1.3 firmware.

My question simply is will the 9986 with 1.3 firmware play DVDs through a HDMI to DVI connection with no problems?
Have you found a response to that? I'm trying to get details what was the issue with the 1.3 firmware exactly.
I *think* there was only a problem with using Component through the DVI port with 1.3
That's where it is a bit confusing.

Was it a problem with the component signal, was it a problem with the DVi port or a problem with VGA signal (since the adpater was first transforming the component signal in VGA)?

Pre V2.0 s/w would not accept analogue component video. The DVI-I port only functioned as a VGA and DVI-D input.

From V2.0 on, the DVI-I port additionally allowed analogue component input via a cludge of adaptor cables that were supplied (or not in some circumstances) with the later versions of the display.

As to playing "DVDs through a HDMI to DVI connection with no problems" then yes, theoretically it should work.

Be warned though that many manufacturers implementations of HDMI, DVI, HDCP are quite new (especially when V1.3 s/w was developed) and interoperability between devices, of any make or model may not be straight forward. For instance, one manufacturers DVD player may work whilst another version/model or manufacturers may not. You may even only get partial functionality or functionality not working quite as you would expect/like.

Its a mine field and tbh, the only way of ensuring compatibility is to try before you buy or buy from a retailler that allows the unit to be returned.

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