9800gx2 Replacement HELP


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hi, i want to replace my 9800gx2 for somthing a bit smaller as i have just got a PS3 for all my games so i will only be useing my pc for playing the odd film, and burnig dvds and web browsing, i am on quite a budget, i want something cool and quiet as my 9800gxt is running at 80c at idle and sounds like a jet, i have found 2 cards that catch my eye;
MSI GeForce GT 430 2GB GDDR3 for £49.99 OR
XFX ATI RADEON 6770 1GB GDDR5 for £68.99

what do you all think, my limit is about £70-£80 in an ideal world, as i dont game on my pc any more
thanks for all the help


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The 6770 is way more powerful than the 430 and is good value at that price. If you ever do want to play a game it will be able to handle it.


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ahh ok thanks, would you know, if i got this card, on the ATI website it says it supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio formats over HDMI, i currently only have an internal spdif cable to my 9800gx2, when i put the new card in will the formants be recongnised? thanks
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