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I am looking to have a multi monitor setup with a 26" screen and 2 19" screens either side of it. the 9800GTX+ was recommended by a friend that will be able output to all 3 at the same time. He had said the the 2 19" ones can connect via DVI and the 26" via HDMI. having a look at the specs of the card and through some research it am not sure if this is possible. Just wanted to ask what other recommendations people have. I want it to have good graphics and 3 displays so not looking for just basic splitting graphics cards. The only other option that I can see is the Matrox TripleHead2Go. Haven't managed to find much about 3 screens with this card on google.

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Some more research has shown me that it is probably not possible to run all 3 from one graphics card however, I do currently have an older ATI X800 XL and am wondering if I add a second card in being the 9800GTX+ I am pretty sure it would work but just wondering if there would be some sort of confliction between the 2 cards?? Anyone??

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