9800 xt is my set right



right i have a xp2700+
1gig ddr400 ram
a 160gi sata h/d
hercules 3dprophet 9800xt.
win xp sp1

when i check the settings on my card the agp x is set to off is this right .

i have enable overdrive, fastwrite is off but i thought it would be set to at least 4x agp

any advice on the best set up for a non overclocked card

im running @1600x1200 res 85 hz


Set it to 8X as it should be. Whilst you're at it check your mobo bios and make sure AGP is set to 8X too. It probably won't make any difference but it gets everything singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak.


tried setting it to 8x and it says it needs to restart and setting s will ake place after restart if they are stable. but when i go back in after restart it say it is still set to off.

can,t find my agp setting s in my mobo bios but my mobo is defo and 8xagp model

any further help anyone:lesson:


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Fast write and AGP are not the same setting AGP speed is normaly auto setting and cannot be set to off, as you would loose you display. Fast write is set on/off and is to do with the cards onboard memory. A bit more clarification for your post will help us help you, what brand mainboard etc.


mobo is gigabyte ga7vt6001394 fsb400/ddr400/agpx8
i noticed when installing the cat4.4 drivers from omega it sets fast write off for more stability but this seems to knock the agp setting off .
so i rolled back the driver to 3.9 omega to check its installation setting and fast write is on and and agp setting is x8.

i may just keep these drivers in but it would be usefull to find out why the 4.4 settings appear different

thanks for any help given


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Try benchmarking with 3dmark2001 and 3dmark2003 to see how your system performs relative to similar spec machines. You can download both free versions here:-


with your spec you should get scores of around 17k+ and 5k+ respectively.

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