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Hello to all fellow home cinema lovers Ive bought a new dvd player a while ago and have seen the functions for 96/192K I understand the format (I think) I ve been told by a friend that I can get cd's of this sampling rate if so where is it possible to find them and also whats all this talk of dts 96k/24 my player doesn't play Dvd Audio (I dont think) does this mean that I cant get multi channel advanced resolution off of these Dvd video's such as Tomb raider I ve heard a lot about. I dont understand why companies would go to all this trouble to put this format inside the players if you cant even find it in the shops no matter how hard I try please help me I ve had my player a while now and still haven't expirienced any advanced resolution . cheers
I believe Tomb Raider was an Italian disc and it was 24/96khz DTS audio but not sure if it had original english language, i don't think there are any more films out there in 24/96khz audio.
no but music by queen is on four different discs!
all dvd players that output DTS will output the DTS96/24
192 is only output on SACD and DVD-A on stereo. To get 96/24 your amp must decode it!

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