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Maybe anyone can have an idea. I have Philips 963SA (.22 soft).
Watching it on Panasonic 32/PD30 CRT via component. There are
2 problems:

1) On PAL interlaced on many discs there is a white broken horizontal line at the lower part of the screen. Anybody experienced that? Does software upgrade helps?
2) On NTSC progessive (mostly do it via PAL->NTSC conversion), shadows are too dark and greenish (gamma is set to -3 to fix overall darkness). In general progressive is much better - more smooth cinema-like. But cannot solve that problem with color and tone...

Thank you in advance.


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sounds like you've got one of the many faulty units floating around :(

My November 2002 model shows non of these faults - send it back! The green tint is due to impedance mis-match on the component board.

You should'nt need to mess with settings to get rid of green tints, and nor should you have strange white lines - definate defects IMHO.

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