963SA plasma problem



When using the component connection of the Philips 963SA to my Toshiba PW5 plasma I am getting 3 faint vertical purple bands (about 2 inches wide) down the left hand side of the screen. Using the S-video connection these bands are not present but the picture is much softer.

The player has been modded to be multi-region and Pal-Prog and the bands appear no matter what settings are selected eg. DCDI, black level, true life,etc. and are present on both NTSC and PAL. Anybody have any idea what the problem might be as it is driving me nuts now that I know it's there.



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first thing to try would be a different set of component leads,im also using the 936 in to lg plasma and the picture is superb via component, also is your sreen progressive compatable? have you also tried setting to interlaced to see if this makes any differance. good luck hope u get it sorted.

I've not seen any form of purple banding on my 963SA / PT-300 combo.


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I am interested in this Philips DVD......where did you guy's get hold of one in this country?

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