962sa help



hi i have noticed on my 962sa just before a film starts or on the layer change there is a clicking noise through the speakers?
its like the sound drops out ,like its jumping from dolby to pcm them back or something like that ,
i have it attached to my aego amp prosessor through coaxial digital,
has any one any ideas on this ? it never happened on other dvd players i had , maybe someone with the same dvd player can help?
and it happens if i press any buttons on the remote ie.pause ,stop ,play,
Sorry Jm, dont get anything of that sort with my 962, the only thing I have noticed is when switching on the DVD player after the amp I get a cracking sound, similar to an amplifier without a mute being switched on.

I get over this by turning the amp on after the player.

It sounds like your experiencing a shielding problem or poor mains connection, sorry I couldnt be of more help.

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