9618- do they all have Philips tube??


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Hi everyone, this is my first post so please be gentle!! ;)

I have recently come into £1200 and am going to be spending it on a 32" TV. I have decided to go with the 9618, but have heard on this forum that the best Philips P+ TV's are the ones with the Philips tube and not the Panny tube. Can someone confirm this is the case, and also whether all 9618 TV's have a Philips tube or not??

Also, what store would people recommend buying from. I have found the TV with stand for £940 from Robertsons. Do they have a good customer service reputation, will they let me return the TV if I dont like it, etc? Also, does anyone know if John Lewis pricematch with internet deals, as their 5 yr warranty looks very enticing? Do John Lewis let you return the TV if you dont like it? So many questions, such little time!!! :confused:

I am thinking of getting either the Panasonic S35 or S70 DVD player to go with the 9618. Does anyone have either of these two DVD players as well as the 9618? If so, what is the picture quality like?? I have heard that some DVD players perform better than others on the 9618, so just trying to make sure!!
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I've just bought the 36PW9618 and have been very happy with it. Did a lot of research before purchasing however and can confirm all the 9618's have the panny tube (looked at at least a dozen different sets - probably a lot more!). Easy to tell, look out for the phospher dot halfway down either side of the tube.

Can't comment on Robertsons and as far as I know John Lewis don't stock this set - if they had I may well have bought from them. No high street store will pricematch against internet only dealers, only if they have a retail outlet, and then usually only with 30 miles or less.

Like I said, I'm happy with this set, and a few other people on this forum have bought it recently and the general consensus has been favourable. Good luck in making your decision - it's not easy!
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