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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by jimmylad, Jul 20, 2002.

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    REF: 9607 / Empire direct

    It should have arrived yesterday but came today. The delivery people rang me on Friday to say that it would be with me between 11 & 1 the following day. A day late but otherwise very pleased with the smooth process.

    Took a while to build the stand & my mate came round to help me get the TV on the stand. I couldn't believe the weight of the thing.

    First impressions = superb (although it takes an hour or two of connecting peripherals & tweaking the settings to get the optimum but well worth it)

    I was expecting a bit more ooomph / slam from the bass whilst running through a few dvd's. (My Cambrige soundworks dt3500's on my PC give a far better sound experience)

    I thought about adding a sub (any one done this?) but i am going to go for the Sony STRDE685 AV reciever & Sony SAVE835 speakers ( there are better combinations but the speakers have to be silver..........any ideas ?)

    I got hotkit to price match robertwhte on the above setup which they have (saved £50) & also said I could have the STDRB780 (QS quality) for another £40 but wont be available till August. As I live 15 minutes from hotkit i will collect & save another £25 on delivery!

    A verry happy chappy


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