9381 ZW disapointment




Well, after a couple of months watching my new TV I discovered one thing...

Today, the first day I tried my headphones in the TV, I found out that the sound coming out the headphones is the same coming out from the TV speakers while on PIP mode :-(

I'd like to hear someone's opinion on this... Maybe I have missed some "special" configuration??

What were you expecting to hear through the headphones?

When in PIP mode, I was expecting to hear the 2nd tuner (the PIP window).
In the menu for the sound I believe you can select which outputs are played back through the speakers and headphones.

Menu-Sound-Headphone Sound you then have the choice of sound 1, sound 2 or sound 1+2.

Never tried myself though as I rarely every use the PiP function on the Aconda.
Hello again,

Selecting Sound 1, Sound 2 or Sound 1+2 has no effect on my headphones... :-(

Any other ideas?

Thank you!
I would expect to hear the same sound through speakers and headphones. I've seen nothing in the manual which suggests otherwise, and that PIP might also include sound.

However, if you do manage it let us know!
Hello all!

Well, I have contacted Loewe and they said that this is not possible and they don't have any plans to make this possible in the future...

Should have bought an LG... some models have this feature.


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