Does anyone know of a DVD release (any region) that documents the events of September 11th as they happened? Specifically, I'm looking for something along the lines of a news channel release that shows the events in a 'live' framework (as if you were watching the news that day as events unfolded). The only thing I've found that comes close is the 'What We Saw' book from CBS that also includes a 2hr DVD of news events from that day but I've been told that its been heavily edited.

Any ideas?



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play have on called 9/11 for sale

i also think this program is on bbc1 on wed


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The only differences between the DVD and the shows airing on BBC1 on Wednesday 11th September at:
Part 1 - 20:30-22:00 and
Part 2 - 22:35-23:05

... is that the DVD contains a 50 minute interview.

Apart from that, it's identical in content to the shows airing in 48 hours time.


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There is a DVD called "World Trade Centre: The First 24 Hours"

This review is from www.play.com

Documents "ground zero" in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001 with raw and powerful honesty. Intentionally devoid of any commentary or music, the images and sounds speak for themselves. The smoldering monochromatic site. The desolate and solitary streets. The ashen outskirts of New York's once bustling financial center. A moonscape of haunting, Dresdenesque remains. Shot independently over a 24-hour period, the film not only bears witness to the terrible attack, but also offers an intimate portrait of the incredible humanity that sprung from it. This presentation contains two versions of WTC: The First 24 Hours, the expanded documentary and, following it, the original version, which began as a raw reflection of "ground zero" in the wake of the World Trade Center collapse.


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That would be interesting Jay.

I suppose, in theory, you could write to news channels such as BBC 24, Sky News and CNN Europe and enquire if it is possible to have a copy of archive recordings from 9/11 sent to you, albeit for a charge. As I remeber most channels are reluctantly willing to do this for almost any programme aired, so long as you say it's for a valid reason, such as needing it for a media studies or history university project etc, instead of just something to ogle.

I know I'd like to have the TV I watched that day recorded, simply for the sake of my own interest in modern history.


As luck would have it, while flicking through the automated listings on SkyD, I came across a little 1hr programme on BBC Choice on 11/9 called 'The Day That Shook The World'. This was news footage from BBC News 24 from the day (albeit heavily edited for time) and started just as the channel was wrapping up the business news, right before they broke to the first live pictures of the attacks. It was spoilt somewhat by the constant chill-out music over the soundtrack which really deadened the drama of what was being shown. However, it was still fascinating to see how the most shocking news story of recent times was reported live.


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