8x8 4k Matrix - Which one - New House/New Set Up Help Needed


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Mar 13, 2022
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Bristol, UK
Hi All,
First post so apologies if this is wrong forum or any breach of protocols

I am after advice on which way to go choosing an 8x8 Matrix capable of distributing 4k signal

5 inputs - SkyQ, Sky Mini x2, Firestick 4k, CCtv
8 outputs - 6x4k TV, 1x 4k Projector (also need to think about distributing surround sound there likley 7.1 but will be new build cinema room so done from scratch & open to suggestion), 1x4kTV in Garden Room >40m away - (in fairness highly unlikely more than 3 or 4 outputs used concurrently any time)

Bought house with centralised rack with main internet & Sky inputs plus CCTV all in same cupboard in utility room and Cat6 cabling from here to some rooms but not all on list

It's quite a big house over 3 stories so some runs likely >40m even internally so thinking Cat6 rather than HDMI as way to go?

Been looking at Wyrestorm (had this before but 4x4 and was very stable and did what we needed), Pulse Eight Neo or Blustream - one issue is fan noise as next to kitchen & not feasible to close door completely - tried a Blustream (non 4k) and even inside the cupboard noise was horrific, don't recall Wyrestorm making so much noise?

I've probably missed loads of important info here so a) forgive me & b) just shout and if I know it I'll try to clarify

Hope you guys can help and any advice gratefully received

First Q tends to be 'Is a Matrix now the correct solution for you?'.

There are so many variables in terms of signal formats to allow you to optimise for individual Zones/Rooms, the ability to 'cast' locally from a phone or tablet, controlling device via Bluetooth... that distributed Source Devices is often the better option.

Any Matrix with HDBaseT has to deal with a lot of heat being produced by the processing chips - some will have 'always on' fans others the Fans will only come on when triggered as the internal temp rises, if you can keep a flow of cool air in/hot air out from the cupboard you may trigger the fans.

4K UHD over LAN is another option to consider.

thanks for taking the time to reply Joe

to be honest I don't do anything fancy like casting from phones etc or even use a games console so its pretty straightforward distribution & control of TV & Streaming SkyQ & Minis most followed by Firestick, plus ability to flip over to CCTV from wherever.. and control the input via remotes from each location

Was only thinking Matrix as worked well at last house & kind of 'did what is says on the tin'..

Fan noise aside as from your reply sounds like they'll all be in same boat... anything else that might tip choice in one direction or the other?
thanks again Joe.. I'll check out the Octava approach.. I guess my only fear with IPTV type system (which we have in Spain) is if internet goes down you're stuffed and we don't live close to city centre so no super speedy Fibre here

As it stands only really need Atmos & HDR in one zone, the to be built cinema room... technically HDR handy in main family room TV too but not an absolute necessity
HDR - you either have dedicated Sources in the Primary Zone or you can add a a device such as the HDFury Diva which can pass 4K UHD, HDR plus simultaneously down convert to 1080p, SDR.

The Octava Pro DSX is not IPTV instead it is an option to HDBT where you use a TX for each Source plus an RX for each end point and a PoE Network Switch as the hub, makes extending the system and servicing the system simpler as it is so modular.

I'm using kit from AV Access on Amazon, they've been really good and support isn't bad either.

The only thing I found was that the matrix connected to a hdmi over cat6 extender didn't work.
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Thanks Jonny

(sorry for delay got diverted with other aspects of the new house)

So decided to definitely go 8x8 4k hdbt matrix route to make use of existing Cat6 cabling already installed throughout the house.

I'm looking for the full kit type approach & easy user interface via app.

Anyone any experience with HDAnywhere? - I'm looking at the MHUB or MHUB Pro
Bluestream also look very good but seems to get expensive when you have to buy everything separately
I'm looking for the full kit type approach & easy user interface via app’ you are moving into a different discussion depending on your expectations of the Control system/layer’

It would be worth outlining what you are looking to achieve in terms of Source control, Signal routing, Audio management and Display control.

I'm looking for the full kit type approach & easy user interface via app’ you are moving into a different discussion depending on your expectations of the Control system/layer’

It would be worth outlining what you are looking to achieve in terms of Source control, Signal routing, Audio management and Display control.

Hi Joe

Apologies.. should have been clearer

I am simply looking to be able to control the matrix via an app or GUI - input/output, renaming etc.. nothing fancier than that, and not whole system control.

Most seem to handle IR back & forth to control source from each zone via original controller & I can live with that
8x8 HDBT - pretty much all of them will have temp controlled fans as HDBT chips run very hot and stick a few in a single chassis and things can get very toasty.

Cabinet - ideally you want cool fresh air going in and hot air going out (which you do not want recirculated back into the cabinet when it is still hot). You may want to consider a temp controlled cabinet which could also help with fan noise.

Control - IR is one of this things which can catch you out via a Matrix and keep in mind the full control features of a box such as SKY Q will not be available via IR as the main handset is Bluetooth.

Control - if you do wish to use IR you need to ensure the Matrix offers 'routed' IR otherwise if you have two, or more, of the same source you will end up controlling multiple boxes from a single handset.

Audio - any thoughts on how you will manage your audio if you have multi-channel in some zones and not in others?

thanks again Joe

The current cabinet inherited with this house is ventilated so that's a +

I think most of the ones I'm considering HDanywhere, Blustream & Neo have individual IR routing?

The Wyrestorm used previous house and currently in temporary set up gave full functionality for SKY Q over IR blaster so just need similar

Audio only one room will have the full set up & most matrices I am looking at have audio breakout so was going to go separate AVR route connected via Matrix
Audio - can be a minefield when trying to share Sources between a main ‘Cinema Room’ with Surround/Immersive audio capabilities and other Zones which are Stereo only as unless you start managing the Source device Audio Out on the fly you need to limit the Source to pre defined formats and employ a Matrix which can down-mix to Stereo on individual Zone Receivers.

thanks for the heads up Joe

To be honest it's only a fairly simple system I'm trying to create.. same as I had before working with the wyrestorm..
One cinema room which has specific audio requirements and a specific room AVR, projector etc set up, and all the rest simply use the TV sound, this didn't cause any issues before and I was hoping this one would simply be the same but with more TVs added into the mix
If you can limit viewing the key Source(s) in just the Cinema room and your secondary Sources in other rooms that can work fine via the Matrix.

Once you start to view the same source in multiple locations which have differing capabilities that is when audio, and video now that features such as HDR are involved, can become a pain to manage.

thanks Joe

that makes sense & yes that's pretty much how it was before.. one source per location at any one time (there's only two of us in the house now).. when cinema room in use that's SkyQ 90% of time or streaming occasionally & then other location would be switched to Sky mini for example
Ideally you would want a direct HDMI connection to the Cinema Room AVR/Display for your key Sources and not put the video signal through the HDBT signal processing - though it will all depend on how the house is wired.

excellent... that works perfectly as cinema room is directly below the kitchen/utility & utility is where all the AV goes so can run an HDMI straight down there.. the rest can use the Cat6 cabling all around rest of the house
Look for a Matrix which has HDMI Out on the primary zone and consider a Hybrid Fibre cable for the run to the Cinema room if you require anything longer than 5m.


PS Drop me a PM if you want suggestions for the Matrix and HDMI cable.
thanks... will do & think the ones I have in mind have HDMI out but will PM you (or try anyway as not done before :) )

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