895 vs 525+IR Distribution


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I've decided to get a universal remote to control all my kit, the kit is going to be in a cabinet hidden away which pretty much narrows down my choices to the harmony 895. Or at least thats what i thought...I came across the Keene IR Distribution & Amp kit on av-sales for £70, which got me thinking that I might be better off with a harmony 525 and this kit (about £55 approx cheaper together vs the 895 going by komplett's prices.) So I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any real differences between the suggested setups and if the cheaper option is worth considering at all.


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You could do what you are suggesting but the Keene receiver will still need to be visible to the remote as it receives and distributes IR - and you would also have the leads coming out of it and going into your cupboard.

With the 895 because it uses RF --> IR, you can hide everything out of the way. It is a neat solution - it comes with 4 plug in leads, each with 2 IR transmitter heads, allowing you to control up to eight devices individually. The RF Extender unit also acts as an IR Blaster and can therefore (presumably) control an unlimited number of devices.

You can also use the 895 to control devices from another room i.e. if you have a second zone of speakers in the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom, you can control the volume/mute etc without going back to the location of your amp.


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Thanks Rebel, thats exactly the info i was looking for. Always wondered how the 895's RF worked with kit, 8 is also more than enough so thats it settled. :smashin:


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