852x480 on panny 42pw6d with radeon



Ok here's my problem, i have just got a panny 42pw6d plasma, and for the life of me cant get it to do 852x480 with powerstrip displaying properly.i have tried some other peoples settings but the screen kind of looks washed out in vertical stpips but it looks fantastic.

at the moment i am running at 856x480 looks good but would love to get 852x480.please can somebody post there powerstrip settings for this plasma.i would really appreciate it

Is it true that i cant display 852x480 on a radeon,it is kinda working on that res but just looks washed out.


using windows xp pro
powerstrip 3.45
and a radeon 9800 pro with catalyst 4.4


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I use 856x480 on my 37pw5 . It is 1:1 pixel mapping and loses 2 pixels either side on the 852x480 panel.

I doubt you are going to see any improvement in going to 852x480 if even possible on your kit as long as 856x480 is setup correctly I wouldn't even worry about it.


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Got my 42-PW6B running at 848x480 which looks superb. Don't forget though the picture may need tweaking with the 'picture pos/size' menu on the Panny, you'll notice when altering the settings that the picture will snap into the 1:1 mapping, pull it too far one way or the other and the whole thing looks blurred and fuzzy edged.


Ive just purchased a PW6b and was basically advised that I shouldnt bother pushing my PC through this display as the resolution just couldnt hold up.

Whilst I understand what she was saying, I can quite happily play loads of games/apps in a low resolution on my PC so can I play them on my panny plasma?

Would love to give Call of duty a crack 42"style!

Ohh.. my graphics card is a 9800 pro.


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Depends what you are after.

Most of us are mainly using a PC for dvd playback , a smaller number use them as PVRs and standalone deinterlacers/scalers for analogue sources.

I'm sure there are some games that will play fine at the 856x480 res. Personally I like my PC games at nice high resolutions although I'm quite happy with consoles at that res.

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